Parenting Programmes

  • 123 Magic– a 4 week course helping parents to develop behaviour management strategies 2 to 12-year-olds
  • Non-violent resistance – 10 week course to empower parents to effectively respond to violent, controlling behaviours in children ( over 8s)
  • Sleep workshops – 5 week course to find out more about sleep and healthy sleep routines for children
  • Parental resilience workshops– 10 week course
  • Family Support drop in sessions to support a solution focussed approach to parenting
  • Freedom Programme- 10 week course exploring roles, beliefs and attitudes concerning the actions of abusive men to support an understanding of what has happened in past relationships

Additionally the SBAP work in partnership with King’s Mill paediatric team specialist nurses to support Autism and ADHD parent understanding sessions

Other professionals can request parenting programme support directly to the SBAP by contacting using the parenting programme application form in this section

SBAP Parenting Course Application 2019-2020

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