What is the SBAP?

The SBAP stands for Schools Behaviour and Attendance Partnership. The team is funded by Nottinghamshire County Council and local partnership schools.

Who is eligible for support?

Primary school aged children who:

  • Attend a North Ashfield School
  • Are at risk of exclusion

Priority will be given to children where;

  • The placement is at risk
  • There is a risk of permanent exclusion
  • There is a breakdown in the relationship between the parent and the school
  • They have low levels of Emotional Literacy

How to access SBAP support?

  • Support can be applied for through North Ashfield Primary schools

(Sutton, Kirkby, Huthwaite and Skegby)

  • Schools will usually have been through a Graduated response approach to supporting the children in their care before requesting SBAP support
  • Other professionals can request parenting programme support directly to the SBAP by contacting JHallam@AbbeyHill.onmicrosoft.com using the parenting programme application form in the parenting programmes section

Who are the SBAP?

The SBAP is supported by four representative from each family of schools in the North Ashfield area. These are all head teachers and meet termly to plan new initiatives and agree ways of working

Requests for support are discussed at the SBAP panel, who meet monthly. This panel has representatives from Educational Psychology, Family SENCo, the Family Service, Social Emotional Mental Health Team, SBAP and Behaviour and Attendance Officer.

The SBAP team itself has three members:

  • Lucie Keeling, Specialist teacher and  the SBAP coordinator
  • Jeanette Hallam, Family Outreach Worker
  • Lisa Slaney, Specialist Teaching Assistant

What can the SBAP do?

The SBAP offers support in school and with parents.

Parents can access parenting programmes or Family support advice (see the parenting programme section)

Schools can access groups, either for school to them to run themselves or groups that are part of a child’s provision such as Relax Kids, Drawing and talking or Mental and Physical Creative development sessions at the gym (see the menu in the resources section for details of these groups).

Schools can also access training (see the menu in the resources section)

The SBAP also offers bespoke packages of support with to help move cases forward, offer advice and complete focussed observations

Do SBAP offer groups for children?

Yes the following groups are offered to children – Please contact Lucie Keeling to book these sessions

Attached Relax Kids – led by SBAP staff at New Woods Children’s Centre with parents

Relax kids Bags of Emotions – led by SBAP staff at New Woods Children’s centre

ELF (Emotional Literacy footprint) – led by SBAP TA within school and run as a training session.

  • Eggspressions – Key Stage 2 focus Emotions through baking
  • Emotions through nursery rhymes – F2 or Key Stage 1
  • Mr Men emotions – Key Stage 1
  • Emotions through art – Key stage 1 or 2
  • Queen bees and wanna bees – Key Stage 2 (years 3 and 4 OR years 5 and 6)
  • Lego therapy –Key stage 1 or 2

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